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How To Rank In Google Maps

Let’s start off with why you should care about Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and rank on Google Maps.

Potential customers are using search engines every day looking for solutions. If you can provide the answer they’re looking for, you’re one step closer to gaining a customer.

As I’m writing this article for you today, I had a problem I turned to Google for.    

I needed to get a new filter for my pool. I went to Google and searched for where I could get one. I was hoping to find a local business that could sell me one. Instead, I got results from Amazon, eBay, Kijiji, and other online suppliers.

Not one local business showed up for having that filter. Instead of wasting time calling around, I ordered it online and I will get it delivered tomorrow. 

As you can see, many of the local Pool and Spa businesses could have made that sale. They missed an opportunity that could have lead to more and bigger purchases down the road.

As a local business, being in the top organic ranks and having a top 3 rank on Google Maps provides a huge ROI (return on investment). It’s evergreen, meaning that if you stop doing the work for a bit, you still attract traffic and leads. If you were to stop any other advertising, all traffic and leads stop right away! 

Watch the video below and download the cheat sheet which explains how to rank on Google Map Pack, and the organic listings. 

If you go through each step in this guide, you’ll be way ahead of your competition. Examine their Google My Business listing. Make sure you’re outperforming them in these steps. Given some time, you’ll be stealing their traffic, leads, and business.